DO I NEED a 12-VOLT POWER SOURCE?  -  For parking light flash confirmation.

As the Aussie Keyless system is powered from the car's electrics the moment you plug it into the trunk actuator, you don’t need to find any external power source to operate functions such as Keyless Entry, Factory Alarm activation, Flashing security LED light or Sound Chirp Confirmation. However if you want to connect the ‘PARKING LIGHT CONFIRMATION’, you will need a constant 12-volt power source, and a relay which is triggered by the keyless control unit.

In the sedans, a constant 12-volt power source is easily available at the trunk light, and in the station wagons at the power antenna motor. (If you purchase the pre-configured wiring harness for the Parking Light confirmation all wiring plugs and connectors are provided for this hook up).

Parking Light install

Security LED install